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The Chautauqua County Technical Rescue Team was developed to help fill a need in Chautauqua County by creating a team that is capable of assisting any fire department with speciality skills and equipment as may be needed. The Team has been operational for many years and have had several calls in Rope Rescue, Firefighter Assist and Search Team (FAST), Trench and Building Collapse. We have been able to assist local departments in bringing a successful end to several different aspects of unique calls.

The team originally started out training and preparing for FAST type calls and activities. This skill set led to the advancement in training in many other skills and techniques that we have been fortunate to learn. The team exists to help all Chautauqua County Fire Departments providing uniquely trained and talented individuals, with specialized equipment, to bring a positive end to whatever call we find ourselves out on. The Team is meant to be part of your Incident Command System and works for the Department that calls for our assistance.

Requests can be made for the Team through Chautauqua County Dispatch or any Fire Coordinator. The team is dedicated to training. Monthly training sessions are planned throughout the county as the training needs and location dictate.

Personnel trained to the Technician Level will be trained in one or more of the following disciplines:

Advanced Rope Rescue The team has the equipment and capabilities to perform advanced techniques of rope rescue in a vertical environment whether in the wilderness or urban setting. Examples of skills that we can perform are basic and advanced rappelling; rope ascending; patient packaging and lifting; mechanical advantage systems; rope pick off’s and belaying, high line systems as well as many other advanced level techniques.
Building Collapse Operations At the technician level of training we have reached the highest level of NYS training offered in the placement of mechanical struts and building support systems made out of wood on site. At this level we have received advanced training in entering collapsed structures and placing support systems to stabilize the building, collapse and void search and rescue, concrete breaking and breaching and heavy rescue rigging and lifting.
Trench Rescue We currently possess the skills and equipment needed to perform all levels of trench rescues. We have received training in the mitigation of shallow trenches; deep trench (deeper than eight feet); “L” “X” and “T” shaped trenches. We are able to use pneumatic struts with our panels, or build the struts in place from wood.
Confined Space The team has received its extensive training in Confined Space Rescue. While confined space rescue are rare, they are some of the most deadly rescue that we may encounter. The training on this specialty consisted of air monitoring and movement, horizontal rope retrieval systems, supplied air respirators and advanced patient packaging. These rescues are often misunderstood at first by initial responders and the situation quickly becomes much more deadly and demanding. A true confined space rescue will successfully end with the successful cooperation of many agencies.
FAST TEAM The FAST team concept is nothing new and should be readily embraced by fire chiefs. The concept of “Readily available and speciality trained rescue personnel (NFPA 1407) for the interior firefighters should not even be a controversial topic for discussion. As responsible fire scene commanders, we should plan for the worst and protect our firefighters with trained rescue persons at the ready.

Listed below is a partial list of equipment that is available for deployment:

10 Trench rescue panels 4x8 plywood sheets for ground pads
Paratech Rescue Pneumatic strut set (Largest Set in WNY next to Buffalo Rescue 1) Assortment of 2x4. 4x4 6x6 lumber
Pre-made trench caps, cribbing and wedges and gusset plates 36” steel pickets
Cutting table 7 ¼” circulars saws
10 ¼’ circular saws Reciprocating saws
Chop saw Worm drive saw and beam butter
Pre-made tool bags for construction Cut table tool bag
Basic tool kit Air compressor
Air nailer Air cords
Hammer drill and bits for concrete Oxy-acetylene cutting torch
Petrogen oxygen gas torch Class three harnesses
Ropes Rigging bags
Medical packs Helmets
Stokes baskets both heavy duty and con-space 2 Scott breathing and tool air carts with 8 1 hour bottles
1500 feet high pressure air line 4 Scott Con space air packs
Con Space Hard-wired Communication System Ventilation fans and heaters
Four Gas meters