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Updated 2/20/2015

This link,, on the New York State Health department website has an ebola icon that you just click on and all the updated guidance for Ebola is there. EMS specific guidance is also laid out so you can just review the relevant information for EMS. There are now links imbedded taking you to new check lists and youtube training that are based on the type of PPE you are using.
As a reminder, according to the Commissioners Order, each department was expected to be compliant within 10 days of the date the Commissioners Order was released. STEMS sent a template plan fire departments could use to create a plan for this type of response. The EMS checklist for donning and doffing was updated 12-3-14.

Date Posted File Name File Download
2/20/15 Measles Outbreak Advisory
12/22/2014 Revised Ebola Guidance Letter
12/22/2014 IAB Recommendations of PPE for First Responders against Ebola
12/22/2014 FAQs for EMS
12/22/2014 EMS Ebola Preparedness Checklist
12/22/2014 Ebola Evaluation Management Algorithm
12/22/2014 Ebola Preparedness Plan, rev. 10/22/14
12/22/2014 Commissioner Order
11/20/2014 Planning Considerations: Emergency Medical Services Regional Response Approach
10/31/2014 PQC Ebola Training Donning and Doffing video - Larger File - High Def.
10/31/2014 PQC Ebola Training Donning and Doffing video - Large File - Regular Def.
10/31/2014 PDF letter containing links to PPE Donning and Doffing video and powerpoint
10/31/2014 CDC updated PSAP and EMS guidance
10/31/2014 Updated Commissioners order - 10-27-14
10/31/2014 Tightened Guidance for US Healthcare Workers on PPE for Ebola
10/24/2014 Pre-Hospital Screening Guide for Ebola Virus Disease FINAL 10-22-14
10/24/2014 1015 BEMS Ebola Training Guideline FINAL 10-22-14
10/24/2014 Detailed Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Checklist for Ebola Preparedness
10/24/2014 Compliance Plan for Mitigation of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) rev. 10/22/14
10/24/2014 Emergency Department and EMS Ebola Screening Criteria
10/24/2014 NYSDOH BEMS Cover Letter FINAL 10/22/14