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Radio Issues
The Responder Registration
Report of Injury to Volunteer Firefighter - VF-2 is obsolete
The Chautauqua County Self Insurance Plan ACCIDENT/INJURY REPORT FORM is now used.
Fill out form and give one copy to your Village or Town for Processing and send one copy to Dennis Brooks, Gerace Office Bldg. 3 N. Erie St. Mayville, NY 14757
You MUST supply a copy to both listed above. The County will file the proper forms with the State.
Hazmat Exposure Report for Firefighter Exposures
Loan Application - Chautauqua County Fire Service Enhancement Program
Chief's Training Authorization
Application to Request Reasonable Accom. of a Disability
Student Data Sheet - NYS EOSB-601 (rev.6/18)
Firefighter Accountability Registration
Training Requisition - Emergency Service
Special Team Authorization Form
OFPC Burn Injury Report
Hazmat Form - hm209uc
Uniform Code Fire Notification
Arson/Sex Offender Background Check
NYS Firefighter 1 Skills Sheet Master List (rev. 2016)
NYS Dept. of Labor - PESH - Fire and EMS Resource CD 2014
NYS DHSES Recommended Firefighter Training and Education: Best Practices