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The Responder Registration

It is the mission of The Association to unite its members by providing a common forum for the sharing of information and the promotion of the common good in the interest of advancing the Fire Services in Chautauqua County.


Active members are those who serve or have served as Fire Chiefs, Assistant Fire Chiefs or Fire Department and EMS Captains and Lieutenants in Chautauqua County are eligible for Active Membership.

Life members are those who have served as President of The Association and the membership may elect someone to Life Member status who has distinguished himself/herself by providing extraordinary service to The Association.


Regular membership meetings shall be held at 7:30 pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except for November and December, which will be the third Wednesday.

The Annual Meeting shall take place in December where elections and annual reports will take place.


Annual dues for Active Members shall be five dollars ($5.00) payable at the December or January meeting. (Life Members shall be exempt from paying dues)


The Association sponsors the annual “Chautauqua County Weekend” that is held at the New York State Fire Academy located in Montour Falls, New York. The County weekend offers a variety of courses that brings together over one hundred County Firefighters and EMS Providers for a full weekend of training. The “County Weekend” is scheduled early in September. The Chautauqua County Weekend was renamed in 2012 the “Ron Keddie Memorial Chautauqua County Weekend” in honor of Ronald Keddie who died in the Line of Duty on June 27, 2012. Ron was one of the founders of the “County Weekend” and was also a NYS Fire Instructor for over 30 years assigned to Chautauqua County.

Year Name Fire Dept.
2023 Kolassa, Thomas Sheridan
2022 Bailey, Jordan Celoron
2021 Mease, Jay Ellery Center
2020 Guttman, Jennifer Mayville
Year Name Fire Dept.
2019 Miller, Paul East Dunkirk
2018 Stafford, Matthew Busti
2017 Hayes, Steve Bemus Point
2016 Edwards, Randy Westfield
2015 Burke, John Stockton
2014 Bailey, Scott Celoron
2013 Scott, Greg Kennedy
2012 Guttman, Noel Mayville
2011 Knowlton, Jack Lakewood
2010 Biscaro, Joel East Dunkirk
Year Name Fire Dept.
2009 Raab, Jerry Fluvanna
2008 Bretz, Bruce Lakewood
2007 Breakey, James Sherman
2006 Barter, Larry Fredonia
2005 Halberg, Jan Ellery Center
2004 Gleason, Randy Ashville
2003 Trippy, Ronald Mayville
2002 Fuller, Peter Falconer
2001 Dawson,Peter Lakewood
2000 Cummings, Scott Mayville
Year Name Fire Dept.
1999 Ganey, Michael East Dunkirk
1998 Samuelson, Peter Bemus Point
1997 Archer, Eugene Busti
1996 Himelein, David Findley Lake
1995 Leone, Jr., Julius Fredonia
1994 Pollaro, Richard Jamestown
1993 Lawson, Jr., Raymond C. Westfield
1992 Belovarac, Robert Stockton
1991 Bottomley, Dale Maple Springs
1990 Johnson, Ronald V. Kiantone
Year Name Fire Dept.
1989 Brown, Clifford Westfield
1988 Szach, Ronald Dunkirk
1987 Johnson, Lloyd Ellington
1986 Pierson, Greg Frewsburg
1985 Thompson, Everett Forestville
1984 Brosius, William Sherman
1983 Short, Michael Panama
1982 Nichols, Robert Fredonia
1981 Gundlach, Robert Westfield
1980 Querrveld, Merton Clymer
Year Name Fire Dept.
1979 Smith, Richard Mayville
1978 Jakubowski, William West Dunkirk
1977 Groves, Ted Chautauqua
1976 Valone, Ted Fluvanna
1975 Pickett, Robert Ashville
1974 Bradley, George Findley Lake
1973 Barmore, Dennis Gerry
1972 Cornell, Wilmont Sheridan
1971 Howbrige, Harold Frewsburg
1970 Mathews, Richard Westfield
Year Name Fire Dept.
1969 Tadt, George Fredonia
1968 Stowell, Donald Maple Springs
1967 Sandberg, Edwin Busti
1966 Estep III, Frank Hartfield
1965 Waddington, Frank Falconer
1964 Hiller, William Westfield
1963 Bowen, Irwin Ashville
1962 Putnam, Alan Fluvanna
1961 Taylor, Raymond Celoron
1960 Manning, Richard Irving
Year Name Fire Dept.
1959 Anderson, Elliott Falconer
1958 Hodges, Lawrence Cherry Creek
1957 Ward, Fletcher Bemus Point
1956 Velzy, Ivan Silver Creek
1955 Samuelson, Howard Gerry
1954 Benjamin, Robert Brocton
1953 Lord, Samuel Fluvanna
1952 Sales, Donald Lakewood
1951 Summers, Jack Dewittville
1950 Johnson, Lloyd Frewsburg