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The Responder Registration

The mission of the Response Team is to provide Chautauqua County Emergency Services and The Chautauqua County Office of the Sheriff with an operational team to provide a coordinated county wide response when additional fire police personnel or equipment is needed to assist any fire or police department in Chautauqua County or adjoining areas. The Response Team also proactively interacts with other public safety agencies to foster a good working relationship prior to being called to work together at the scene of an emergency.

Team membership requires that:
-The applicant be an active member of a Fire Department serving Chautauqua County where they have served for a minimum of one year.
-Applicants must have consent from their Fire Chief and Supervising Municipality’s Authorization.

Training requirements state that all Response Team members must have completed the following New York State Courses:
-NYS -OFPC - Fire Police Course
-Scene Support Operations or higher
-HazMat First Responder Operations
-ICS 100 and ICS 700

The Team currently has two TC (Traffic Control) trucks located in the county and has approximately sixty highly dedicated and motivated individuals who dedicate many hours training and working for Chautauqua County and local Fire Departments. The Team is always looking for new members who are willing to commit the time and hours to become a Response Team member.