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The Mission of the Chautauqua County Fire Advisory Board (FAB) is to act in the advisory capacity to the Chautauqua County Legislature, the Chautuaqua County Executive, all Chautauqua County Fire Departments and Specials Team in the County of Chautauqua concerning matters pertaining to fire and emergency medical services. The FAB shall provide infromation to the general public concerning fire and emergency services.

The FAB shall cooperate with the Office of Fire Prevention and Control and other federal, state and local agencies in the execution of training programs, mutual aid programs, and in regulatory compliance.

The FAB shall aid fire departments and related agencies in providing quality fire protection, emergency medical services and public safety.


SAFER Revolving Loan Facilities
Vehicle Replacement Future of Fire Service Mutual Aid and Bylaws
Accountability Computer Aided Dispatch(CAD) Radio
Training Responder Historical

Voting Members:

John Griffith Fire Coordinator Voting
Brian Purol Battalion 1 Voting
Brandon Mahle Battalion 1 Voting
E. Lawrence Barter Battalion 1 Voting
Adam Reisenweber Battalion 1 Alternate
Christopher Wichlacz Battalion 1, 2nd Vice-Chair Voting
Mike Edwards Battalion 1 Voting
Ron Trippy Battalion 2 Voting
Matthew Oehlbeck Battalion 2 Voting
Al Aikin Battalion 2 Voting
Mark Smith Battalion 2, 3rd Vice-Chair Voting
Lyle Holland Battalion 2 Voting
Burl Swanson Battalion 2 Alternate
Jack Knowlton Battalion 3 Voting
Randy Shampoe Battalion 3 Voting
Nick Niles Battalion 3 Voting
Sam Salemme Battalion 3, Chairman Voting
Ronald Johnson Battalion 3 Voting
Dan Sisson Battalion 3 Alternate
Pete Samuelson Battalion 4 Voting
Charles Piazza Battalion 4 Voting
Lance Hedlund Battalion 4 Voting
Jeff Molnar Battalion 4, 1st Vice-Chair Voting
Barry Swanson Battalion 4 Voting
Ryan Delahoy Battalion 4 Alternate

Ex-Officio Members:

Anthony Faso Battalion 1 Coordinator Ex-Officio
Richard Cole Battalion 2 Coordinator Ex-Officio
Scott Bailey Battalion 3 Coordinator Ex-Officio
Greg Scott Battalion 4 Coordinator Ex-Officio
Dan Aldrich Deputy Fire Coordinator Ex-Officio
Anthony 'Skip' Cavallaro Deputy Fire Coordinator Ex-Officio
Stephan Cobb Deputy Fire Coordinator Ex-Officio
Scott Cummings Deputy Fire Coordinator Ex-Officio
Noel Guttman Deputy Fire Coordinator Ex-Officio
Daniel T. Imfeld Deputy Fire Coordinator Ex-Officio
Rich Westpfahl Deputy Fire Coordinator Ex-Officio

Ad Hoc Members:

Terry Grisanti CC Fire Police Ad hoc
Vacant Alstar Ad hoc
John Stahley Ad hoc
Dennis Barmore Ad hoc
Cpt. Richard Telford Deputy Sheriff Ad hoc
Steve McAninch County Dispatch Ad hoc
Vacant Historian Ad hoc
Jennifer Guttman County Fire Chief's Assn Ad hoc
Gene Archer NYSAFC Rep Ad hoc
Timothy Carlson EMS Council Rep Ad hoc
Gloria Burke Scribe Ad hoc